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Worried that your child won't get into the college they deserve because they don't "test well" on the ACT or SAT? 

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How Important Are Your ACT & SAT Scores, Anyway?

One or two points - literally - can mean the difference between getting into an Ivy or other competitive college, versus settling for a lesser school...not to mention winning boatloads of fat, juicy scholarships!

If your child hasn't hit the score you hoped for, don't despair. 

We refuse to believe that anyone is a "bad test taker."

In our experience, every student is capable of unlocking their true potential and achieving their highest scores possible...

...scores that telegraph to admissions officers that, damnit, YES!  They ARE qualified to do the work at their "Dream College!"

Unlike the big test prep franchises, we refuse to stuff our students into a "System." 

That's irresponsible, and kind of silly.

And frankly, it's B.S.

Each child learns differently, there is NO one-size-fits-all approach.

We also believe that each student should prepare and study until they hit the top of their score range.  

Then STOP.

Some kids hit their maximum after a few lessons or classes, others take longer.

Unlike the national chains, we don't recommend the Equity 18 Month Program (so named because you need a home equity line to afford it) to everyone who walks in the door.

We're all about the maximum return on your investment of money, and time.

In other words, maximum scores in the least amount of time required.

It's better for the client, and it's better for us, because it's in our best interest to earn your referrals for a job well done.

Discover What You Get With Lockwood Test Prep

We offer live local small group classes, one-on-one tutoring live or via Skype! When you say "yes" to either option, you'll get the following:

Expert Advice and Coaching!

Our students work with actual test problems under simulated "game day" conditions so that they are prepared to do their best when it counts!

Eliminate Stress, Worry and Confusion!

Our students are confident and calm on Test Day because we are thorough to a fault.  No detail is too small.  Our students have a Test Prep Plan and know EXACTLY what to expect on Test Day, and what could go wrong (something usually does!) 

Fast Results!

Our students achieve their highest scores in the least amount of time compared to any of our competitors, to our knowledge. This means you'll spend less and avoid the "24 Month Mega-Packages" offered by the other guys!

Are We Right For You?

We look at test prep differently than other companies.  Our instruction is second to none, but our philosophy is much, much different.

College is an investment, which implies that there should be a RETURN on investment.  Scoring your best is just PART of the picture.

In addition to test prep, we also help with college admissions, essays, scholarships, financial aid and career counseling.

After all, what good is it if you crush the ACT or SAT, but can't get into your Dream College...

...or can't afford it?

(That was a rhetorical question, no need to answer. :) 

The Inconvenient Truth

Look, we know that you have plenty of choices for ACT and SAT prep, with costs ranging from free to tens of thousands of dollars!

However, the quality of instruction varies even more, and it's not necessarily linked to how much you pay!

The factor most frequently overlooked is student EFFORT, which is closely linked to the rapport your child develops with his or her instructor.

That's why we recommend a no obligations, complimentary Test Prep Strategy Session so we can each explore if we're a good fit.  

Contact us today, there's no charge or obligation.  Just a casual, open conversation about what you're looking for and whether we can help.

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