About Us

99% of parents, guidance counselors and kids choose colleges the wrong way.

How?  By placing an undue emphasis on getting into college, as opposed to what you're going for.

It's as if you spent 100% of your energy getting to the airport, but didn't care where the plane was going!

We're different than other test prep companies because we look at the ACT and SAT as only PART of the picture.

Yes, we provide unparalleled, top-notch instruction re: how to reach your highest scores in the least amount of time, but...

Tutoring is a tactic, not a strategy.

Meaning, it's foolish to focus all of your energy on getting a super high score if your college list, essays, and applications aren't up to snuff...

...AND, it's a fool's errand to put all of your efforts into getting into a "Dream College" if you can't afford to pay for it without scholarships and grants!

Our founders, Pearl and Andy Lockwood created a comprehensive college planning approach called "The P4 System," as follows:

  • Plan.  Match a student's wiring with satisfying and lucrative careers, and majors that lead to those careers.   In other words, this part is about the 40  or so years after college, NOT the four.
  • Path. "Backward Plan" into a set of colleges reputable across a cluster of selected majors and careers, as well as more traditional considerations, e.g. small, medium, large, East Coast, South, West Coast etc., good football conference, cute mascot and merch in the bookstore.
  • Position. "Reverse Engineer" what will resonate with admissions officers,  when they review your child's body of work from 9th grade on.  Put another way, answer the question, Why should we take YOU compared to these other 5,000 competitor-applicants with the same grades and standardized test scores?
  • Produce. Going after merit scholarships, need-based aid, unique tax strategies for high income business owners, preparation of the FAFSA, CSS Profile and other financial aid forms, loan paperwork and negotiating scholarships and need-based aid offers.

About the Founders.

Pearl and Andy Lockwood are college admissions and funding advisors in Long Island, New York and are the entrepreneurs - nay, GENIUSES! - behind Lockwood College Prep, which helps you achieve college success - without the stress!

Our office number is 516-882-5464 and email address is [email protected] 

Our office address is 135 Glenwood Road, Glenwood Landing, New York 11547-0535

Our fax number is 516-908-4418

Some fun, braggy and other facts about Pearl and Whatsisface:

Andy coaches a select group of college-bound teens through the process of choosing majors and careers, then backward planning, strategically, into a college list, THEN strategizing how to maximize chances of admission.  He also helps families improve their eligibility for financial and and scholarships, and negotiate with colleges for more money.

Pearl handles the entire process of filing the FAFSA, CSS Profile and other financial aid forms, responding to incessant, annoying requests from college financial aid offices and related matters.

More information is available by calling the office, 516.882.5464 or visiting LockwoodCollegePrep.com