A Case for Choosing the ACT

Uncategorized Jan 02, 2024

With the SAT now fully digital worldwide, the decision-making process for choosing a standardized test has shifted. While my usual advice of comparing scores and considering comfort levels with each test remains unchanged, a new factor has emerged – the availability of practice tests.

Currently, the digital SAT offers only four practice tests, along with a single digital PSAT and an eighth/ninth-grade version. In contrast, there is a wealth of practice tests available for the ACT, a test which has remained fairly consistent over the last three decades. Even non-official ACT materials, created by test prep companies over time, outshine their rushed-to-market digital SAT counterparts.

Practice tests are crucial. They allow students to get experience taking timed tests, helping them become more comfortable with the process, and giving them an accurate idea of where their score currently stands. In my opinion, taking many practice tests (and reviewing them) is the best way to quickly improve your score.


Will the College Board release more practice tests soon? It claimed it would release another four practice tests in October of 2023, but we haven’t seen them yet. It has also ceased its QAS program, which previously allowed students to see and review copies of their actual official SAT several times per year. It remains to be seen what additional material the College Board will release, if any.

The choice between the SAT and ACT now considers the important factor of practice test availability. The ACT, with its extensive and consistent materials, emerges as a strong option for effective preparation and success in standardized testing.

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