Fruitful Summer Test Prep

Uncategorized Jun 01, 2023

The summer is my favorite time to prepare for the SAT or ACT! It’s much easier to focus on preparation when you don’t have the rigors of the school year to contend with. Here are my recommendations for getting the most of out your time this summer:


  1. Learn the content


Study up on your grammar rules and review past math concepts. Both the SAT and ACT cover math topics from pre-algebra, algebra 1 & 2, trigonometry, and geometry. 


  1. Learn the strategies


It’s really important to learn the best ways to tackle each section and question type. It’s also important to learn how to pace yourself, what to do when you run out of time, and when to guess.


  1. Take practice tests


Taking practice tests allow you to put your knowledge into practice. It also allows you to work on your pacing; make sure to always take your practice tests timed to get the maximum benefit!


  1. Learn from your practice tests


It’s extremely important to take the time to analyze your practice tests. Look over your wrong answers and figure out why you got them wrong, and take the appropriate action to avoid repeating these mistakes (this might mean studying certain rules or changing your test taking approach).


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