How to Study for the Digital SAT

Uncategorized Feb 04, 2024

As we embrace the new era of the digital SAT, we're met with a fresh challenge: a scarcity of study resources. This shortage might persist, given the College Board's decision to discontinue the QAS, effectively limiting access to past real SATs. Presently, the College Board has provided only 4 practice digital SATs, a digital 8/9 grade PSAT, and a digital 10/NMSQT PSAT via their BlueBook app.

Given the scarcity of official practice SATs, we have to use them wisely! These tests serve as the best resource for practice and assessing progress, so students should ration them carefully, reserving some for potential future retakes of the exam.

What to avoid: until you've exhausted all official practice tests, avoid all other College Board materials. Unfortunately, questions from their practice tests have been repurposed in their question bank, paper book, and social media posts. Exposure to these questions compromises the accuracy and effectiveness of practice exams.

For additional practice, Khan Academy is a valuable resource, along with the writing & language and math sections from the previous version of the SAT. While not perfect, the material closely aligns with the content covered in the digital SAT.

By strategizing and leveraging available resources smartly, students can navigate the challenges posed by the limited study materials for the digital SAT exam.

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