Maximizing Your Summer Break to Crush the SAT or ACT

Summer is an ideal time to invest in test preparation, as you are free from the stresses and rigors of the school year and can focus your energies into increasing your score. Here are some tips for summer prep:

1. Take two diagnostic tests

It’s important to choose the right test. I suggest taking two full length tests, using official materials (one SAT and one ACT on separate days). Compare your scores to see which test you scored better on. It’s generally better to choose one test and focus all of your attention on it rather than splitting your time between both the SAT and ACT.


2. Create a study plan

Gather materials and past official tests and source quality materials to aid in your studies. For the SAT in particular, be careful to use the official practice tests wisely, as you only have access to 6 (as of the writing of this blog post); I see a lot of students using them up too quickly, who then have no reliable way of measuring their progress. Schedule time to study, take practice exams, and review your progress.


3. Join a prep course or find a tutor

Self study is a valuable tool, and finding the right guide can make a big impact. An experienced instructor knows how to spot patterns in the test, give helpful tips, and give you advice based on your personal testing history.


By following these steps, you can use your summer effectively to prepare for the SAT or ACT, giving yourself a better chance to achieve your desired score.


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