Some SAT and ACT Test Dates ARE Easier Than Others…But It Doesn’t Matter

Uncategorized Feb 02, 2023

I am frequently asked which test dates are easier or harder. Many people think the fall tests will have “easier” curves because you are competing against seniors retaking the test (who I guess we assume are going to get lower scores...) and that the spring tests are “harder” because you are competing against more motivated students. 


It IS true that some tests are easier than others. 


Tests do vary in difficulty from administration to administration – or more specifically, individual sections of the test vary in difficulty.


The tests aren’t curved in the traditional sense.


Test takers aren’t curved against the students taking the test the same month as them – it’s a complicated process, but at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you are testing at the same time as more motivated or less skilled test takers


It doesn’t matter.


Do not choose a test date based on which month you think will be easier! It’s impossible to predict, and it shouldn’t have much of an impact on your score. Iif a test is harder, the scale is more forgiving, and if a test is easier it is less so…so you should get a similar score whether you take a harder or easier test. Choose the test dates that work best for you, and make sure to start early enough that you leave some back up test dates in case you need to retest or reschedule.

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