Test Prep Plans for Sophomores and Juniors

Uncategorized Mar 02, 2023

We are at the height of the test prep season, and many people are wondering what to do in the upcoming months to maximize the remaining testing dates. 




Hopefully all Juniors have already started test preparation or will be very soon – the spring dates are popular for a good reason! If you’ve already taken one test, then I suggest planning on 1-2 more. I’ve found that most students hit their best possible score within the first 3 tries. Taking the ACT in April and June or the SAT in May or June might land you with your desired score before the school year ends. That leaves the fall dates as fallbacks in case you want to go for a higher score.




Sophomores should start planning out their first steps – if you are currently in Algebra 2 (or beyond), you can start testing as soon as you’d like! The summer is a great time to invest in test preparation; in fact it is my favorite time! It’s a nice long stretch without the rigors of the school year when students can devote energies into the SAT or ACT without much distraction.


If you choose to test in both the fall and next spring (as a US test taker), you’ll be switching from the paper based test to the digital test, so definitely factor that into your planning. If you prefer the paper based test, then you should start testing as early as possible!

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