The Benefits of Taking the SAT or ACT in a Test Optional World

Uncategorized Jul 07, 2023

Good test scores strengthen your application


Strong test scores can only improve your chances of admission into the colleges of your choice, allowing you to stand out from applicants who chose not to include scores (they aren’t omitting their scores because they aced the test). They give yet another data point for schools to assess your candidacy, so even if you have the option of applying without scores, applying with good scores can only work to your benefit.


You can improve your chances at scholarships


Many merit-based scholarships either require or strongly prefer good SAT or ACT scores. Skipping standardized testing can potentially leave tens of thousands of dollars on the table.


Standardized testing can demonstrate academic preparedness


While your grades are one measure schools have of your academic performance, different schools have different measures, so it’s a less reliable tool for schools. Some (or many…) schools are guilty of rampant grade inflation, and colleges know this. Since standardized tests are, well, standardized, they give schools an accurate picture of your academic abilities.


The SAT or ACT can help with academic placement in college


In some cases, colleges will use your SAT or ACT scores to determine academic placement, allowing you to forgo placement exams at the start of school. A strong score can help you place into more advanced classes, allowing you to start your education at a higher level.

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