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The PSAT is a practice SAT that is available for students to take between 8th and 11th grades. These tests are great practice for the SAT, as the format and content are very similar to those of the SAT (although the various PSATs are a bit easier and less complex than the SAT).  PSAT prep is the same as SAT prep, as the tests are extremely similar.


If you are planning to take the SAT, then it’s a good idea to take the PSAT.  Since colleges do not see PSAT scores, the PSAT is risk free practice.  If you score very high on the 11th grade PSAT/NMSQT, then you have a chance to compete for the National Merit Scholarship.


Each PSAT has a score range that is somewhat lower than the 400-1600 range of the SAT.


PSAT 8/9 – this is taken in 8th and/or 9th grade.  The score range is 240-1440.  The concepts tested are grade appropriate, and this test is less complex than the other PSATs and the SAT. 


PSAT 10  – this is taken in 10th grade and is the same format and difficulty level as the 11th grade PSAT. The score range is 320-1520.  


PSAT/NMSQT  – this is taken in 10th and/or 11th grade. The score range is 320-1520. The questions are very similar to those of the SAT, although they are not as complex.   This test also gives you the opportunity to qualify for the National Merit competition (when taken in 11th grade).  


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