Upcoming changes to the ACT and SAT

Uncategorized Jul 11, 2022


The new SAT will be computer adaptive (you get different questions on the second part of the test depending on your performance on the first half), shorter (2 hours and 14 minutes vs 3 hours), and a calculator will be allowed on all math questions. Scores will also be available a lot sooner – within days instead of weeks.


Who will be impacted? The class of 2025 and beyond (this information is for US students – internationally, the changes roll out earlier). If you are in the class of 2024, you will have completed testing before the changes are rolled out. In the Fall of 2023, the PSAT will be computer based, and in the Spring of 2024, the SAT will be computer based.



Not much is changing! The essay remains (although most schools do not require it, it is still being used in state testing, so they are keeping the essay), the science section will not be eliminated (as many have hypothesized), and the test will remain paper based for the time being (though computer adaptive tests are being considered for the future). The ACT previously announced a new question type (called visual and quantitative information) could appear on the reading section as early as September 2022; while it hasn’t appeared yet, it looks like it is still planned to make an appearance! However, these questions are nothing to be too worried about, as they are very similar to existing science questions.


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